Daedelus: Righteous Fists Of Harmony (Brainfeeder)

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From the cover, you’d probably mistake this for an epic metal band. For the past decade, Alfred Darlington (aka Daedelus) has been churning out concept albums and his latest about The Boxer Rebellion – a 19th century Chinese rebellion against Western imperialism – is no short of a Spielberg special. Looming dub opener ‘An Armada Approaches’ is a curious album starter but soon industrial beats give way to a hail of acoustic guitars (‘Tidal Waves Uprising’). Nouvelle Vague-sque ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’ is the most single-worthy track on the album thanks to the sun-in-hair jazzy vibe and Laura Darling’s voice. But of course being an eccentric, Daedelus has to shake things up right after with a barbaric cacophony on ‘The Finishing of a Thing’.

LISTEN TO: ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’
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