LISTEN: Dae Kim Joins mü-nest and Debuts With a Remix of Okamotonoriaki’s ‘Happy Ending’

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Though originally mentored by DJ Fuzz, and debuted as a Raising the Bar DJ, Korean-born Dae Kim’s own music shows that his heart is really in the experimental ambience of electronica label mü-nest rather than hip hop. No surprise then that he’s recently announced that he’s working on a full-length album under the label – an announcement that comes with an inspired remix of labelmate Okamotonoriaki’s title track off latest album Happy Ending. Dubbing it as his ‘homework’ (perhaps suggesting the Japanese artiste will have an influence on his later releases?), the stunning track’s ambience – almost picturesque in its ability to paint a landscape through sound – is given Dae’s signature despondence, markedly less cathartic than the original’s uplifting crescendo. Dae is definitely at home here amongst peers that include pre-Baths Will Wiesenfeld and Euseng Seto (fka flica).

Listen to the remix below:

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