VIDEO: Dae Kim Adds a Smile to His ‘Happy Dae Remix’ of Airliftz’s Moody ‘Gwalos’

Although Dae Kim is now signed to mü-nest and has made less-than-affectionate remarks regarding certain parts of hip hop – the genre he was previously associated with – that doesn’t mean that he’s got no love for it still. In fact, so much love he’s got for it that his recent remix of up-and-comer Airliftz’s ‘Gwalos’ is one that was intentionally made to be “emoer and cuter.” He calls it ‘Happy Dae’s Remix’, after all. Lessening the trap tropes of the original by a factor of 10 (though the hi-hats still make its presence known), the ebullient redo of ‘Gwalos’ shares more in common with the ambient soundscape and glitch of Dae’s personal work, though he’s replaced the sullenness with twinkling synths made for a Spike Jonze romance flick.

Watch its video below:

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