Cut Your Carbs

Carbon emissions, that is. Car pooling even once a week makes a sizable difference in our lives. Of course, if you could do it more often, it helps even more. Buddy up your daily commute and take turns to drive. The more the merrier, and more bearable in the traffic jam right?If your drive to work is 25 miles each way, and at least half is through stop-and-go traffic, you’ll save almost 10 percent of your monthly emissions. Not to mention the gas money you’ll save, and the fun you’ll have sharing office gossip with your friends. In many places, car pooling can save you even more time and money, because pairing up allows you to skip tolls on bridges. It also opens up access to less-clogged high occupancy vehicle lanes.

Don’t you just love knowing that? Now do something about it. It’s your duty.

Source: The Daily Green