Culture Couture

Up springs yet another boutique on Bangsar Baru, this time catering to those hard-pressed and hell-bent on acquiring that latest IT clothing item seen on celebs splashed across the pages of tabloids all over the world. Be it high end urban wear like Ed Hardy, Hard 8, Double Standard and Miss Me to designer denim labels like True Religion, KL inhabitants now have a cove to trawl for these rare and exclusive goodies.

And they have Culture Couture owners, the husband-and-wife partnership of Kevin Loo and Esther Ku to thank. The ambitious duo opened Culture Couture with one goal in mind: to allow easier accessibility of such hard to come by labels to locals, minus the hefty price tag and the long, unreasonable waits.

Brimming with everything funky and modern ranging from jeans and t-shirts to caps and accessories, the store is an assault on the senses – in the best possible way. In short, Culture Couture clothing are statement clothing, perfect for the attention-seeking with a keen eye for fashion. The boutique keeps on its toes, always looking out for the latest trends and the hottest pieces and subsequently stocking up on them. So head on down to Culture Couture to feed your wardrobe with glammed up casuals. It doesn’t matter if you only got that pair of True Religions because you saw the very same pair on Paris Hilton – no one has to know.