Cults: Cults (Columbia)

Film students turned musicians Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin have been keeping fans in anticipation for an album release ever since their songs created a buzz in the indie scene a while back. Their self-titled debut doesn’t disappoint.

With the cool use of reverbs, sweet girl vocals, and tinkling keyboards, Cults pays homage to early 60s twee pop, but with a modern twist. While the music sounds cheerfully breezy, the lyrics are sinisterly dark which gives a beautiful contrast of elation and depression to the album.

A standout in this album is ‘Go Outside’ which opens with a quote from notorious cult leader/murderer Jim Jones while being serenaded by a gentle xylophone and Follin’s relaxed vocal. Creepy but sweet, you should check this out.

LISTEN TO: ‘Go Outside’, ‘Most Wanted’
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