Cryptokicksology: Sneaker Freaker x PUMA Bunyip

Australia’s sneaker scripture Sneaker Freaker Magazine collaborates with PUMA again with their rework of the classic Dallas silhouette. Although inspired by the Land Down Under’s most legendary cryptid, the aboriginal Bunyip of the shoe’s namesake, this new pair fortunately doesn’t resemble the creature in appearance. In fact it is one of the most luxuriously designed PUMA sneaks we ever laid eyes on in a long time, nowhere near the Big Foot-dingo-lizard amalgam of an animal the name suggests.

PUMA Dallas is reinterpreted as casual sneaks – replacing its former athletic form with sleek crepe rubber outsole, leather midsole and suede upper, all lined with a layer of premium leather on the interior.

The Bunyip took 3 years to design, and it is easy to see why. It’s easily the best looking PUMA design out there at the moment. We just wish it weren’t as rare as its namesake.

Retails at USD150. Sneaker Freaker x PUMA Bunyip is released in limited quantity in the Asia Pacific region but we wager the word “Bunyip” will be a household term anyway. Order them online at JUICE was also at the launch of the shoes, check out our report here.