Cross Causeway Cinema: Opportunities and Challenges


Cross Causeway Cinema is a panel discussion between four prominent figures in both Malaysia’s and Singapore’s filmmaking industry regarding the challenges of producing a body of work that’s relatable at home and to people across the causeway. The individuals include Royston Tan; regarded as Singapore’s most promising young director, he’s collected 60 international and local awards for his short films and documentaries, so there’s not much room to guess why he’s received said status. Next is Dain Said, a Malaysian who’s worked in the industry for over 20 years and produced two feature films (the critically acclaimed Bunohan and the unreleased Dukun) — he’s shown his work at The Sydney Biennale and The Burj Al Arab. Then there’s Sanif Olek, who has showcased his work in Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York, Singapore Art Museum, and National Museum of Singapore  esteem institutions. Lastly, Liew Seng Tat, a multi-award winning filmmaker who’s participated in events such as Cannes Cinefondation, Torino Film Lab, and Sundance Screenwriters Lab — local cinephiles would know him for his award-winning satire Lelaki Harapan Dunia from last year. A valuable lineup for aspiring filmmakers who are looking to pick the brains of established individuals in the field.

Date Saturday 16 January ’16
Time 2pm
Venue Content Malaysia Pitching Centre, KL

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