Crookers @ Zouk

Already fit to burst by 10pm, Zouk KL hit maximum capacity as crowds began to tear up the dancefloor. Armed with jugs of vodka-redbull, club goers prepared themselves for the arrival of the infamous Italian DJs, Crookers.  

Text Lexi Davey

Images FSA

Having already warmed themselves up to the sounds of KL’s homegrown DJ-Lapsap, fans were ready to smash one out to the familiar sounds of electro, house and fidget.

The set played was a melting pot of old and new, as classics such as ‘Knobbers’ fought against their new album, which was released last year. With hardly any room to move, let alone ‘let loose’, the most die-hard fans managed to shuffle their way to the front, drinking in their fill of bass and claiming the odd fist pump from the artists.

As the night soared by, the weak were separated from the true danceheads until the clock struck 3am and the trance was lifted. As people left the club, it can be said that all left with a mutual cognition that the experience-that mutual feeling of liberation-was one to be savoured. Grazie!

Crookers made it sweaty at Zouk on Wed 20 April 2011.