Prophere is adidas Originals’ Newest Silhouette and It’s Bold

The past few years have been a major moment for footwear, with brands supplying the demands of shoe enthusiasts through a never ending streak of releases in various colourways and designs. To many, shoes aren’t just something you chuck on to get you from one place to another, it’s a statement piece.

Inspired by the unapologetic aesthetic of the ‘90s, adidas Originals’ latest offering, titled Prophere, is here to challenge the conventions with a bold silhouette – disrupting the expected with a rebellious design only a true rebel can rock.

What constitutes a true rebel then? Charisma and an uncompromising view of the world. According to adidas Originals, the Prophere symbolises the attitudes of those who exist on the cultural periphery. Innovative in construction, the bold sculpted midsole and texture represents the vigour of those who live without borders. Notice that the 3-Stripe mark branding is explicitly unique in this silhouette too, excessively thick with a dark soft knit upper that’s synonymous to adidas Originals.

Bringing out the true spirit of Prophere are emerging creatives from the UK music scene: J Grrey, Benny Mails, Oscar Worldpeace, and 808 Ink – connecting dots of the past with today’s generation of fashionistas who are not afraid of being themselves.

“With Prophere, we wanted to take a different view of our archive and looked to the unapologetic aesthetic of the ‘90s, when the brand experimented with bold silhouettes. We took the provocative and uncompromising thinking of the era and reimagined it for today – a confident approach to branding and unexpected proportions of toolings were the inspiration for Prophere. With this silhouette, we connect the same energy of the ‘90s with the new generation,” explains Nic Galway, adidas Originals SVP of Global Design.

The Prophere is set to have its global release on 15 December at any adidas Originals store or selected retailers. 

You can also shop for it online here