Cooler Lumpur Festival

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Cooler Lumpur, the first festival of its kind in Malaysia, is coming back for its third year! The literary festival explores everything from panel discussions with prominent figures in the creative industry to workshops hosted by world-class authors, documentary directors, and comedians even. While its main focus is literature, Cooler Lumpur Festival also aims to be a space for creative minds to connect with one another – a place where one can expand their knowledge, ideas, and phonebook (contacts are important, people!) at the same time.

This year’s theme is ‘Dangerous Ideas’, which goes well in hand with all the arrests that have been made this year under the Sedition Act.

What Would You Write If You Weren’t Afraid: Fear prevents us from a multitude of things; from going on vacation by ourselves to expressing how we really feel and in a country that condemns you for your thoughts, it’s a no-brainer as to why we’ve not gotten over it yet. This panel discussion features Letyar Tun, Ira Trivedi, and Marina Mahathir as she’s well known for being candid about her opinions. 

Killing Sacred Cows: Comedy in the Age of Offence: This is the age of butthurt. For every politically incorrect joke told, hundreds of comments written by cyber-activists are posted. Lindy West and Harith Iskander discuss what should and should not be considered sacred in comedy.

The Future of Photo JournalismIn the age of instant sharing and filters, is being a photojournalist a viable career? NST’s Eric Peris, Mahen Bala, and Suzanne Lee will debate if it is a dying profession and what the future holds for people that are interested in shooting people (with their cameras). It’s also going to be moderated by JUICE‘s living legend (because he is old — okay, not that old, apologies), Azwan Mahzan aka WordsManifest.

Star Wars and Shakespeare: Once upon a time, in a land quite far from Malaysia, lived a man who wrote a playful adaption of the Star Wars trilogy using Shakespearean language (yes, this explains the poster above), his name was Ian Doescher. Okay, the man still lives and will be present at the Cooler Lumpur festival — how else would he be able to discuss his book? Using the force, duh.

But of course, there are plenty more brain-picking activities for you throughout the weekend that we can’t possibly fit them here; so visit their website to have a look at the itinerary. The festival is mostly free for all (there are one or two workshops that come with a small price tag), so we’ll see you there!

Date Friday 12 – Sunday 14 June ‘15
Time 11am
Venue MAP, Publika

For the full itinerary, follow their Facebook page or visit their website.

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