Cook Your Own Food: A Bill Murray Scratch And Sniff

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A gracious human being, an actor of limitless talent, and our spiritual guide, Bill Murray is the subject of a ‘scratch and sniff’ book. Publisher Sugoi Books is also an apparent fanatic of Sir Murray as their only two outputs are a print of his Lost in Translation sushi bar scene, as well as this book, which features a few of his culinary cinematic moments, such as Bob Harris’ Suntory Whisky advertisement in the aforementioned Sofia Coppola film, the wine and axe-wielding Mr. Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom and more. Sugoi Books has gathered artists to recreate those scenes and allow readers to fully immerse themselves in the fantastical world of Bill Murray by simply scratching the top right corner of the book, and with just a whiff, bam, you’re there with him!

Take a sneak peek below:

For £6 (approximately RM38), you can own this book. More on the book here