Converse Jamboree 2010 @ Bukit Cahaya

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The last time JUICE went into the woods, we were sexually harassed by black-tailed gibbons. True story, none of that campfire sh!t. But as the call of nature (and duty) beckoned, we pulled up our socks, oiled our chainsaws and readied our monkey-repellents once again for the Converse Jamboree. We’d like to see them black-tails smirking now.

As closure to Converse’s Spark, a global campaign to inspire originality in art, music, fashion and sport, the camp gathered over 70 precocious individuals who got involved in creative activities and workshops with local artists at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. The forest reserve-cum-recreational campsite was ideal for the event as it set everyone in the right mood over the next 24 hours, away from the confines and conundrums of the city.

After setting up tent in the afternoon, writers Mohd Jayzuan (28 Hari: Jurnal Rock n Roll) and Nazri M Annuar (Aliya Elyana, Space Opera) gave talks on blogging, publishing and scriptwriting. Apart from the two literates, Pipiyapong aka Firdaus Abdillah, who was described by Amir Muhammad as “an archetypal rebel-hero of Malay antiquity”, was also present. And although he did not do a workshop, campers got to rub shoulders with him, Jayzuan and Nazri and exchange notes on their anti-Dewan Bahasa vernacular.

Around dusk, Kioue (pronounced Kayu) of the Super Sunday Crew had a graffiti workshop and live demonstration. Through out the event, art chick Dill Malik painted shoes for participants and Absolute Clothing members made silk-screen printings.

With the campfire and barbeque started, the night rolled on with a video installation collaboration by Fairuz Sulaiman and Kioue.

As the sounds of the forest grew louder, so did that of the campers. Live performances rocked on till midnight with Mohd Jayzuan, Paid In Fiction, Joanna & Co and Second Combat. In between, photographers Kuku Besi and Cipoi gave talks on their profession and on how to capture band photos. Probably the most interesting talk of the day was delivered by Second Combat frontman XEinX who spoke about the subculture of Straight Edge.

After a good night’s rest under the canopy of trees and stars, Sunday morning was welcomed by the campers with a drum workshop by Roland, a talk on indie-ism by Jipie of Pesawat and a special sharing session titled Acting as a job, how true you think I am? by (Best Male Actor at the recent Malaysian Film Festival) Bront Palarae.

As the jamboree ended prizes were given out to the most creative tents, but with all the fun that happened the night before and that morning, everyone was a winner. And of course, creativity has about as much in common with winning awards as it does with spanking black-tailed gibbons.

The Converse Jamboree 2010 happened at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam on Saturday and Sunday, 11 & 12 December. Checkout our gallery for the scene there.

Image Kukubesi