Converse Jack Purcell Fall 2014 Pack

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source: Jack Purcell source: Jack Purcell source: Jack Purcell

Owning a pair of Converse sneakers is like riding a bike or knowing how to swim, everyone’s got a pair before. It’s been a prerequisite wear for Gen X onwards (and even before, check out its spiritual predecessor, the proto-Converse if you will, in the opening shot of new series The Knicks). And if you’re a Converse fan, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Jack Purcell’s, arguably one of their most iconic ranges. This Fall 2014, Converse gives a simple yet refreshing update on the Purcell’s via several clever reiterations. Available in high, mid, and low-top form, the new editions of these sneakers feature premium leather construction, brass eyelets, cross-stitch designs, and moulded cork footbeds.

source: Jack Purcell

Converse Jack Purcell Cross Stitch
Our favourite pair within this collection – it’s like Converse answered our prayers with this pair of beautifully crafted sneakers. With the appearance of a luxe pair of shoes but a price tag of something more practical, this time you don’t have to convince your girlfriend that you two will be eating at home for the rest of the month. The leather on the shoe looks as soft as butter while the cross stitch details on the side are just pristine. Pair ‘em up with a pair of skinny jeans and white tee, your life for the rest of the year is set.

source: Jack Purcell

Converse Jack Purcell Ox
A pretty standard take on the Purcell’s that proves that simplicity is rarely a bad thing. Featuring a brushed textile upper with a tight, water-resistant weave designed for winter wear, the waxed laces and moulded cork footbed make this shoe a pretty endearing pair of kicks. We suggest you get the yellow pair so that you can stand out amongst the crowd of fuccbois. Enough of that black and white game, wake up, develop synaesthesia, and smell the colours.

source: Jack Purcell

Converse Jack Purcell Mid
Most cats who rock Purcell’s don’t really get with the mid’s, which is an enigma we have yet to understand.  Mid’s are hella sick, especially if you rock some cuffed pants and layer that like a mother*cker. These leather joints are great particularly because when you take your #ootd or #klkix Instagram photo, you pull/cuff your pants a little higher to show off your cool socks and boom, blessed you are with likes and followers. And maybe then, Wak Doyok would comment on your photo and satiate that recognition you’ve been craving for. Maybe.

(We doubt it though)

Find the Jack Purcell Cross Stitch, Jack Purcell Ox, and Jack Purcell Mid for RM279.90, RM239.90, and RM299.90 respectively at any Converse retailer near you.

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