Converse Chuck Taylor II Futura ‘Skyfall’

Following its first collaboration with renowned artist Futura, Converse has released its sophomore partnership with the artist in the newly minted Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Skyfall-inspired collection, which features original artwork from the Brooklyn-based artist. There are two designs featured on both the hi-top and ox sneakers that both have reflective material, which makes them ready for any mercurial weather changes as well as serving a stylistic additive. The Skyfall artworks are two special optical illusions; one gives the illusion of an expansive view of trees and mountaintops, while it may also look as if the sky were falling via the innumerable smeared dashes.

Take a closer look at the collection below:



The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Futura Skyfall-inspired collection will be available tomorrow (Friday 24 June ’16) at Sole What Mid Valley. The sneakers will retail for RM449.90 (ox) and RM559.90 (hi-top).