ConRank @ Laundry

Last Saturday, ConRank came down from Shanghai to rock the crowd goers at Laundry. A night of heavy bass and pretty colours ensued.

The night opened up with Cee playing a mixture of different sounds to warm the crowd up. MH stepped up and proved why BudCulture is one of the best dubstep acts our fair city has to offer, with a heavy and enjoyable set. ConRank followed and put on a great set, including some of his own productions. This reluctant hipster especially loved the MIA paper planes dubstep remix.

The crowd was half heavy bass lovers, the other half was passer-bys settling in for a beer, which made it an interesting scene. One one hand you had the dancefloor inhabited by the music enthusiast, while only a few metres away were people sitting down, too shy to hit the dancefloor, and then you had the people in between, who were undecided, lost, confused (or maybe I’m making a snap judgment here, and they were just fine.)

While makes some question if Laundry is the best venue for such events, but we think it’s always nice to have atmosphere options. With the bar bringing in diverse acts from around the globe as well as showcasing our own local loves from DJs to Bands, Laundry is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

We interviewed ConRank back in November, be sure to check it out. Also check out all the snaps from the night. Brap!