Compiled & Mixed by John Digweed: Bedrock Eleven (Bedrock)

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2009 has been a a great year for Bedrock Records, and now John Digweed has selected future highlights, unreleased exclusives, current favourites and remixed classics, from his influential label’s catalogue for this next annual instalment of the Bedrock mix compilation series.

With outstanding singles from Guy Gerber, Christian Smith & John Selway, Pete Heller, Alan Fitzpatrick and Guy J to name just a few, 2009 has seen the Bedrock label go from strength to strength with each release. Following on from last year’s 10 year celebration album, Past Present Future, the main focus for “Bedrock Eleven” is the future.

Featuring a wealth of unreleased tracks that have been severely road-tested by the man himself over the last few months, this is a showcase of exclusives from artists such as Mutant Clan, Marco Bailey, Alex Dolby + Santos, Giorgos Gatzigristos, Marc Marzenit, Rowdent, Erphun and James Zabiela. There are also select classics from the label that have been specially remixed and updated for this album – Moonface’s ‘Futurized Fears’, Bedrock’s ‘Emerald’ and Tijuana’s ‘Groove Is In The Air’.

Released Oct 12 2009, the triple CD set (2 mixed + 1 unmixed) is available as a 6 x limited edition 12″ vinyl sampler. Alternately the digital download can be purchased through iTunes, Beatport and all major download sites worldwide. Listen to the preview podcast, uploaded now at Full tracklisting below.

CD 1  Mixed by John Digweed
01. Mutant Clan ‘On And Amp’ (Unreleased)
02. Dirty Mongrel ‘Cream’ (Unreleased)
03. Alex Dolby + Santos ‘Babylon’ (Unreleased)
04. John Digweed & Nick Muir ‘Aquatonic’ (Unreleased Dub)
05. Guy J Mikro’ (Nick Muir Edit Unreleased)
06. Moonface ‘Futiurized Fears’ (Guy J Remix Unreleased)
07. Giorgos Gatzgristos ‘Binary Star System’ (Unreleased)
08. Christian Smith & John Selway ‘Mistral’ (Anton Pieete Remix)
09. Marco Bailey ‘Jungle Laps’ (Unreleased)
10. Pete Heller ‘Sabotage’ (Acid Dub Remix Unreleased)
11. Mutant Clan ‘Persuader’ (Unreleased)
12. Christian Smith & John Selway ‘Daytona’ (Unreleased)
13. Alan Fitzpatrick ‘Reflections’ (Petar Dundov Remix)
14. Guy J ‘Lamur’ (Henry Saiz Unreleased Remix)

CD 2  Mixed by John Digweed
01. Alan Fitzpatrick ‘Reflections’
02. Giorgos Gatzgristos ‘Pencils For The Weak’ (Unreleased)
03. James Zabiela ‘Tylium’
04. Rowdent ‘Found It’ (Unreleased)
05. Tonedepth ‘Rumblefish’ (Maherdaniel Remix Unreleased)
06. Erphun ‘The Little Rascal’ (Unreleased)
07. Alex Dolby + Santos ‘No Walls’ (Unreleased)
08. Guy Gerber ‘Stoppage Time’ (Reshuffle Remix)
09. Marc Marzenit ‘Not Assigned’ (Unreleased)
10. John Digweed & Nick Muir ‘Tangent’
11. Marc Marzenit ‘Expiritualized’ (Unreleased)
12. Marc Marzenit ‘Unexpiritualized ft. Mastafaktor’ (Unreleased)
13. Bedrock ‘Emerald’ (Henry Saiz Remix Unreleased)
14. Suicide Sports Club ‘My Black Dog’ (Gutterstylz Alternative Dub Unreleased)

CD 3 Compiled by John Digweed
01. Alan Fitzpatrick ‘Reflections’ (Reprise)
02. Rowdent ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ (Unreleased)
03. Christian Smith & John Selway ‘Daytona’ (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
04. Tijuana ‘Groove Is In The Air’ (Tom Budden’s Alive Remix Unreleased)
05. Rowdent ‘Found It’ (Unreleased)
06. Saints and Sinners ‘Pushin Too Hard’ (Guy J Remix Unreleased)
07. James Zabiela ‘Tylium’ (Spooky Remix Unreleased)
08. Guy J ‘Lamur’ (Henry Saiz Remix 2 Unreleased)
09. Tonedepth ‘Rumblefish’ (Maherdaniel Remix Unreleased)
10. Marco Bailey ‘Jungle Laps’ (Unreleased)
11. Erphun ‘Termination Sequence’ (Unreleased)

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