commuter pop-up art

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We at JUICE are very fussy art appreciators – not much gets by us that we like. I mean, sure there’s Banksy, but we can only rave about him so much. Andwhen something from the depths of the art world, especially the local art scene, catches our eye, you can be sure that it’s awesome.
And artist Thai Meng has give us something to be seriously impressed about. If you check out his innovative work, you’ll see that what he’s done isn’t the same old same old bronze and plaster stuff. This is something akin to a pop-up book and with a little help from lighting techniques and digital photograph cut outs, he’s brought his art to life, in a manner of speaking. You can actually feel the hustle and bustle of his Track series, three installations that depict the rush of an LRT station. And who hasn’t been in that situation? Very proletariat, methinks. Check out more of his work at his blog.