Come Together For A Sustainable Malaysia @ Gerakbudaya

Date Wed, 7th Feb '18
Time 8pm - 9pm
Venue Gerakbudaya

Kuala Lumpur is forever giving birth to fancy air-conditioned buildings, but where are the cute parks and public green spaces waiting to make memories with families?

If you care about the city you call home, stop at Transition TTDI’s ‘Cities in Transition’ dialogue session at Gerakbudaya to join people who are just as passionate, or simply want to know more about sustainable city planning.

Three prominent speakers will highlight some great points on the importance of humane and sustainable city planning. They are Sheena Moses (green building specialist and community organiser for Save Wangsa Maju Forest), Leela Panikkar (TREES representative and working group member of Save Selangor State Park), and Prof. Dr. Azmi Sharom (UM lecturer on environmental law).

(Source: Sustainable Square)

New developments are shooting out of the ground in urban areas, bringing concern to the sustainability of our city. If you’re wondering how exactly an average citizen can make a difference, ‘Cities in Transition’ will provide you answers. Other than the several key points the speakers will address, they will also touch on the importance for participatory, citizen-engagement, and planned development. It’s never too late to learn something new.

Ignoring climate change is an even bigger price to pay, so let’s all try our best to stay well-informed.

If you are driving to the the venue: Due to limited parking, please be advised to park near the primary school or shops along the same row as KK Mart. Kindly refrain from blocking gates of private residences.