Coldplay Live 2012 : On Big Screens

From the guys who brought you the tunes that had you abusing the repeat button on your iPods, Coldplay will be releasing their concert film after nine years of worldwide success. The film tails the band as they gallivant around the globe for their Mylo Xyloto tour that reportedly has been watched by over 3 million people since the tour began in June 2011.

The tour itself is said ‘to be a burst of light and bright colours in a grey world’ and the theme can be seen throughout the different performances; whether its being held in Germany or France, the excessive amount of effort put into the show is so intricate that every concert ends up looking close to identical. Coldplay Live 2012 keeps it fresh with highlights and footage that show a publicly less known side of the band, by including clips of the band members’ daily struggles and the whole backstage experience.

This film concert is directed by non other than Paul Dugdale, the one and only responsible for shows like Live at the Royal Albert Hall and World’s On Fire which were based on Adele’s and The Prodigy’s tours. Coldplay Live 2012 will be in cinemas worldwide for one day only on 13 November 2o12, so put down your iPods and make your way down to GSC, Midvalley this 13th November at 10 AM our time!

For further info on Coldplay Live 2012, check out their official website.