Cold War Kids: Mine Is Yours (Interscope)

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Cold War Kids are the musical equivalent of those kids who peaked in high school and then it all went downhill from there. No matter what avenue they venture down, they never seem to be as popular, pretty or make as a good music. All eyes (or more aptly, ears) have been on CWK since their 2007 hit Robbers And Coward, which deemed them prom kings of the indie scene. It’s been a few albums since and Mine Is Yours is closest in sound, buzz and listening pleasure since the good ol’ days before the wall fell.

Don’t completely write off Mine Is Yours. Cold War Kids have grown up with a bigger sound that fills arenas-as opposed to dirty dive bars. While the music is classier, lead singer Nathan Willet has gone from writing songs from a character’s point of view to spilling deep-rooted feelings and insecurities of growing older and getting lost in your 20s.

The lyrics have gotten a lot more personal while musically, the band has taken a new step and worked with a producer outside the band, Jacquire King. Jacquire’s experience with Kings of Leon’s big rock sounds and Modest Mouse’s quirky arrangements is easily recognisable on Mine Is Yours.

Cure your post-adolescent, romantic blues with ‘Bulldozer’ and ‘Skip The Charades’, whereas ‘Flying Upside Down’ and ‘Louder Than Ever’ are straight-up, arena-rock pleasers. And if you’re looking for that classic blues rock that CWK does so well, ‘Cold Toes On The Cold Floor’ will cure what ails ya

Listen To: ‘Cold Toes On The Cold Floor’, ‘Royal Blue’, ‘Mine Is Yours’
If you dig this, you’ll dig: Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse, Temper Trap
Rating: 3½

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