Cocktails x Coffee

When two worlds collide, the outcome of it can be one of two things – disastrous (Cadbury Creme Egg) or absolutely magical (McDonald’s cendol flavoured ice cream). However, when it concerns mixing two of everyone’s favourite C’s – coffee and cocktails – the results shouldn’t be too difficult for one to consume. For this drinking session, Bean Reserve’s caffeine maestro, Jeremy Chan, tag-teams with Wholly Spirit’s chief intoxicologist, Callan Green, to create drinks using both of the aforementioned elements. If it were just the two of them participating in this, they’d have more alcohol to themselves, but these guys are generous, so they’re extending the invitation to you. However, you’ll have to pay to join this party (alcohol ain’t cheap!). The cover charge is set at RM30, which entitles each attendee to tasting flights and a cocktail. That’s a bargain, take our word for it.

To make reservations or for more information, email [email protected]