CNCRD Makes Its Digital Debut With The 1st Locally-Curated Site For Sneakerheads To Sell & Buy Shoes

Parallel to the digital site, CNCRD also opens a physical showroom at The Five, Damansara Heights to give sellers and customers the best of both worlds: the scalability of tech as well as the proximity of a spatial context.

CNCRD is the newest Malaysian tech business to enter the market with the aim of upending the existing sneaker reselling culture. The handpicked platform, created as a one-stop shop to sell and buy shoes on the resale market, not only simplifies the process for its audience to navigate the crowded and sometimes daunting market, but also lowers the risk of getting burnt with knockoffs or simply receiving the wrong product altogether.

We’ve taken into consideration the many contemporary developments in the reselling culture – both locally and internationally,” said Ryan Ng, a 22-year-old techpreneur and ardent sneakerhead who established the company.

“Today’s amazing offer on a pair of sneakers might not be so wonderful tomorrow. This is where CNCRD enters the picture to finally solidify our goal of giving our users the finest retail e-commerce experience. And one way CNCRD is bringing the business to the next level is by offering our clients an offline experience where they can buy and sell the newest, most sought-after sneakers in the best way possible. This hybrid shopping method is, in our opinion, the best.”

To give merchants the flexibility of technology and give our customers the intimacy of a virtual space, CNCRD has concurrently established its brick and mortar showroom at The Five, Damansara Heights in addition to the online platform.

Ryan, who is from Muar, first set foot in this venture when he moved to Kuala Lumpur for college.

“It was 2018 and I was turning 18 at the time. My friends were talking about the Jordan 1 Nigel Sylvester’s, and the first pair was what initially piqued my curiosity in learning more about the scene. I could only admire it while living on a meagre income.

“My best friend of 15 years was my first ever customer, and the first pair I ever “flipped” was a pair of UltraBoosts.”

Ryan continued, “It was an incredibly joyful experience that propelled and snowballed to selling my first 5, 10, and 20 pairs of sneakers.

He teamed up with his good buddy Bryan Ong to form a company after coming to the conclusion that what he accomplished could be a business.

“In order to seamlessly connect sellers and buyers, CNCRD was finally founded in Q4 of 2021 with the goal of building an ecosystem that is clear for merchants and offers consumers a whole novel experience. Over time, we plan to add clothing, collectibles, and a lot more to our product category. But for the time being, our priority is to strengthen the system, inform our audience, raise awareness, and use data to increase revenue for vendors and provide end customers with a more customised shopping experience”, says Bryan.

The primary inspirations for CNCRD include Kevin Ma, CEO of HYPEBEAST, and Eddy Lu, CEO and co-founder of GOAT.

CNCRD’s aim is to sustainably expand into business sectors with complementary synergies while continuously delivering value to its users. CNCRD intends to establish itself as a technology conglomerate over the long term and to enter several technological and other digital business landscapes.

Ryan and Bryan recruited Ric Wang to the team as CNCRD’s co-founder and creative director in order to enhance it.

“I hope to work and lead CNCRD, along with Bryan, Ric, and the rest of our team, to firmly establish its position as an industry leader both locally and regionally, to develop sustainably, and to maximise the returns to our shareholders. The executive team makes data-driven decisions to guarantee that our growth is long-term and that foreign investments in many business sectors are sensible and cooperative. I am adamant that the team’s chemistry and synergy have what it takes to compete and create an inventive culture that solves problems quickly and effectively, doing away with ambiguity and band-aid fixes.

“Just as with sneaker culture, it is crucial for us to develop a “CNCRD tribe.We have outlined a number of initiatives that aim to support multidisciplinary creatives by collaborating on maintaining our physical environment. The creative direction of CNCRD acts as a story to exude all facets of culture, from fashion, art, and design to food and sports. The fact that the A-list of the KL scene from various industries visited the recent unveiling of our shop is proof of this.

“I should also say that we are now working on the CNCRD app, which is scheduled to launch in Q2 2023.

“In the meanwhile, though, please visit our website and, if you’re in the Damansara Heights neighbourhood, stop by our showroom to learn more about CNCRD,” Ryan exclaimed.

For more information, kindly visit or follow CNCRD on its social media platforms, as follows:

Facebook: CNCRD
Instagram: @cncrd_official
Tik Tok: @cncrd_official

CNCRD’s showroom is located at A-2-03, The Five@KPD, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur. Head on over and you might just meet your sole-mate 😉