Cloth & Clef – CLOSED

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Cloth & Clef
30 Changkat Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur.
T: 03 2143 3034

These days, it’s all about the Benjamins, isn’t it? Clubs and bars open with eyes firmly on the bottomline and line-ups are dreamt up with an aim no more noble than making a profit whatever way it can be derived, oft times through ill conceived ideas and hum drum events. That’s not how Cloth & Clef works – no, no. Made possible by mastermind Ethaya, also known as ‘E’ his vision is one of freedom to express, be it via music, art or fashion.

Located on Changkat Bukit Bintang, Cloth & Clef is surprisingly easy to miss – its signboard is inconspicuous and the minimal and nondescript white interior of its ground floor bar makes it a trifle to walk past, were it not for its hip looking clientele draping themselves over the alfresco furniture and the local DJ and band giants blaring their musical manifesto from out of the bassbins.  Its launch must surely have been a sign of things to come and featured a gamut of diverse musical styles from live electronica by David Knight of San Francisco to deebee and breaks and indie mayhem.

Already lined up for regular consumption are Vandal’s MC showdown You Think You Got Skillz? every second Wednesday, Freaklub every other Wednesday, Twilight Actiongirl’s Baked Honey Brown every fourth Thursday, Loops Collective clattering of breaks and beats, Bring It On, every first Friday, live hip hop and phat beats from Kartel Street Dreams’ Joe and T-bone every second Friday, Feedback’s open mic session hosted by Reza Salleh every alternate 2nd and 4th Saturday and Lost In Music hosted by Raysoo and his Kool Dude Society every Sunday.

A boutique is located upstairs and mixes up fashion with quirky art pieces. Some of the brands carried here include a mix of local and international labels such as Satcas, Jane Ville, Sixteen DScale, Ubiquity Merchandise and Criola, and plans are afoot to launch their own Cloth & Clef clothing line, beginning with tops. Best of all the beer is only RM10. Woohoo!

Images Cloth & Clef + Ili Farhana