General Elektriks

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A composer, a songwriter and vintage keyboard collecter, Hervé Salters (also known as RV) the brainchild of General Elektriks’ love for the ivory keys began at the tender age of 8. A prodigy of sorts, after learning classical music, he quickly moved to blues and jazz improvisation and at just 14 bought his first synth which led him to perform in bands in Paris and London. By the time he was 20 he was already a professional gigging around Paris.

RV gave up his synth in favour of a Fender-Rhodes and recalls, “I was sold on the first note  …those keyboards have so much soul. You get to develop a really intimate relationship with them, because you have to learn how to get the best out of them.” Other vintage keyboards in his collection are Clavinets, Hammonds and Wurlitzers. Because of his outside projects with artists like DJ Mehdi, Honeycut and Blackalicious, RV was inspired to make his own compositions and General Elektriks was born. His weapon of choice: his vintage keyboards and a laptop. Working on new sounds and beats in between flying between Paris, Seattle and the Bay Area for gigs, his collection of songs grew and evolved into General Elektriks sound today – layers of vintage textures with new techniques.

Cliquety Kliqk was launched in August 2005 and General Elektriks is out with his latest album Good City For Dreamers. Check out one of his tracks, ‘Engine Kickin In’ from his album.


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