Curbing The Consumption Of Shark Fin Soup!

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Shark fin soup- a long time delicacy in Hong Kong and China. But few know how the precious fin for the soup is acquired. Sharks are caught, fins sliced off, then tossed back into the ocean to die, not only threatening the existence of sharks, but the ocean’s entire ecosystem. It’s estimated that 73 million sharks are killed a year for their fins, Hong Kong alone accounting for 50 to 80% of the shark fin trade, but thankfully there’s a growing movement against it. Enter Green Sense….

Green sense has started producing plates that have a photo of a bloody, finless shark at the bottom, so patrons are reminded of where their soup comes from.  The hope to send the message that shark fins soup isn’t for mass consumption.

That’s not all Green Sense has been up to. They’ve currently signed up 182 primary and secondary schools to pledge not to serve shark fin soup. There’s also been other movement in the anti-shark fin soup cause – Citibank recently refused to serve it a large event (due to public pressure) and you can find 18 000 people on a group on facebook who pledge to reduce wedding gifts by 30% if they serve shark fin soup.

If you’re interested in the cause, check out the badass documentary ‘Sharkwater‘. More on Green Sense of their site.

Image: Global Times