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Please welcome the latest addition to KL’s singer-songwriter scene, a man that goes by the moniker Cicak Kobain. The bassist from seminal punk band Ben’s Bitches has just released a free-for-download album full of naughty songs for the juvenile delinquent in you.

Sedap? is his first solo effort which features 15 rib-tickling tracks all sung in Malay, released on Disarseter Records (home to Ben’s Bitches, The Panda Head Curry? and 360 Degree Head Rotation). With titles like ‘Buah Betikmu’, ‘Stim’ and ‘Bukit Kembar’, how can you go wrong?

Here’s the full tracklist. Lyrics are on the website too, so you can sing along… just don’t let your little brother hear you or he’ll tell mum!

1- Batang Berjuntai
2- Buah Betikmu
3- Ular Gergasi
4- Seekor Lembu
5- Stim
7- Pakai Seluar Dalam
8- Burungku Di Sini
9- Bermain Pistol Air Atas Katil
10- Sebatang Batang
11- Nyonyot Putingmu
12- Cinta Di Kedai Perabot
13- Fakta
14- Bukit Kembar
15- Instrumentalista Kelegaan

To download the album, head over to

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