Clarks Trigenic Flex — Tried, Tested, and Approved by Ethan Chu, Hanie Hidayah, Ridduan Ismail, and OJ Law

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We’re constantly being fed an unhealthy amount of claims from retail brands about the good their products can do — i.e. “The materials used to craft this eco-friendly item were sourced naturally from local artisans with organic-only farms, there’s almost nothing that can cause it to decay… unless it’s worn 5x in a lifetime,” — and sometimes, a lot of them don’t live up to the hype the brands have built for them. Not so much with Clarks Originals, especially with the introduction of a new design on its shelves called the Clarks Trigenic Flex. This pair is miles apart from the standard silhouettes Clarks has created in its 190 years of production, mainly due to it being the sportiest pair we’ve ever seen from the brand. The Trigenic Flex is made of a decoupled sole, moccasin base, and ergonomic upper, which is said to support the natural motion of one’s feet. Bold claim. One of JUICE’s core values is honesty — we want to report the truth and nothing but the truth (okay, we might bend it a little sometimes, but who isn’t guilty of that?!). So, as opposed to giving the new design a test run ourselves, we ask four individuals from various creative backgrounds to test the shoes out to see if they could truly live up to the hype.


Ethan Chu, Fashion Editor of Streething

“Clarks has always had one of the most comfortable shoes on my list. In fact, the shoes I used when I was in high school were from Clarks. What I like about the Clarks Originals is firstly, its design is different in comparison to Clarks’ usual heritage look; there is a prominent street-style presence to it, which makes it easier to match with various styles. Then, it’s how soft its leather and sole are, but that’s not surprising because Clarks’ priority is comfort after all— it was incredibly light, I didn’t feel like I was wearing shoes at all. I chose to pair the sneakers with a Noragi jacket, a t-shirt, and torn jeans because that’s essentially my style — a bit of street and refinement.”


Hanie Hidayah, Travel Blogger

“I don’t usually choose light coloured shoes as they are a little difficult to style sometimes, but these sneakers’ beige tone matched my outfit really well. I’m currently into loose fitting garments, so I felt like a basic oversized tank top would look great with a pair of denim jeans and casual shoes like the Clarks Originals. I like that the colour palette is light — which means it will not trap heat in this tropical weather! It’s really comfortable to walk in, and is great for casual wear, which are two traits I look for when it comes to packing for when I travel. I worship comfortable shoes that can complement most of the clothes in my wardrobe cause there’s only so much a person can bring while travelling, and these shoes fit that category.”



Ridduan Ismail, Photographer

“My personal style revolves around pieces that are minimal because they make layering a lot easier and anyone who knows me, knows that outwear is as important as my camera. The first thing I was reminded of when I looked at the Trigenic Flex were ninjas — the shoes are very agile, so there’s hardly any room for a person’s movements to be restricted. Also, ninjas are badass, which makes these shoes also badass. It goes without saying — but I’ll say it anyway — that I like the colour, I mean, you can never go wrong with black because it’s a versatile hue; it will go with just about any ensemble except a ball gown, maybe. But even then, if it’s styled properly, you just might be able to pull it off.”



OJ Law, Musician

“Whenever someone mentions Clarks shoes, the comfort of the footwear is mentioned almost immediately. It was the same case with these sneakers; they are light, comfortable, and the colour made the task of styling myself a little easier. I chose a smart-casual look — that’s the look I usually go for — to pair with the Trigenic Flex and found that it suits ensembles that weren’t too sporty or too laid-back, which isn’t the case with very many sneakers, so it was a pleasant find. I’ve only worn the shoes around my studio so far, but I can already imagine how beneficial they will be to me on stage.”

Clarks’ Trigenic Flex is available at Clarks’ outlets in Pavilion, Midvalley, The Curve, East Coast Mall, 1 Utama, AEON Shah Alam, AEON Bukit Tinggi, Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza, Aman Central, Ipoh Parade, Center Point KK, and Komtar JBCC. The shoes retail at RM569 (men) and RM469 (women). For more information, visit or Find more visuals from Clarks using the #clarksshoes and #clarkstrigenic tags on social media. 


Photos by Roshan Menon

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