City of Shared Stories

Everyone has something to say. There’s this website called City of Shared Stories- London where everyone contributes their stories from London town. Now we got our very own version too over at City Shared Stories- Kuala Lumpur! You can choose your location in Klang Valley on the Google Map and upload your short stories for the world to read! Easy as that.

JUICE was at British Council last week for the launch of the website to see what the fuss was all about. This City of Shared Stories- Kuala Lumpur is collaboration with MPH, with hopes that perhaps a book will be published from all the stories submitted after one year. We’re the second city after London to roll with City of Shared Stories. Sweet!

There will be 3 featured stories a week. Only 1600 characters allowed, just like the UK format. Yes, your stories will be up there forever and it’s not a membership format, so you need not worry. You literally just log onto the website, give your story a title, insert the 1600 characters, choose your location and upload a photo is you want. That’s it.

There’s no proof reading, so it’s all you. Of course, the admin will make sure there’s no naughty entries posted, so you are being watched. For now it only supports English and Malay, but hopefully they will work on getting Chinese characters. Bad side of it is you can’t delete or edit your stories, but you can always email them at [email protected] to get your stories fixed.

This British Council programme encourages different voices and stories of the Klang Valley. Always space to learn something new about all the different voices in the city. Now, spread the words.

What you waiting for? Head over to now.