Interview: Chuckie

It has got to be one of the biggest dance tracks to date. Drop ‘Let The Bass Kick’ and all you can do is cough as feet kick up dust in a stampede to the dancefloor - the tune is that big! Here in KL this coming February 5 is the man behind the monster track, Chuckie, and he’s bringing his signature Dirty Dutch sound that’s infecting bassbins from here to Holland. JUICE shot the breeze and kicked the bass with Surinam-native, Dutch-based DJ and producer Clyde Narain aka Chuckie, ahead of his hotly anticipated set.

“Discovered” by French dance music super-producer David Guetta, it’s Chuckie’s lack of respect for genre boundaries that has turned heads and moved feet. With lots of climaxes, wobbly basslines, explosive beats and plenty of scratching and cutting, Chuckie’s energetic sets are as kickass and killer effective as his highly respected production work, and Chuckie’s recent tracks ‘Toys Are Nuts’ with Gregor Salto and ‘Guess What’ with Hardwell are climbing up charts.

With skills honed from playing the biggest fests in Europe, touring the globe and scooping up just about every award going, Clyde Narain aka Chuckie is out to conquer the world! KL, we’re next!  JUICE found out why he reckons Jay Z deserves a tribute and what he thinks of the movie Paranormal Activity. Yes, it’s a DJ film review!

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Describe Surinam and what you miss most about it.
Surinam is a nice warm country with a big multi-cultural community. In Surinam people with different religions live in harmony. 90% of the country is a jungle, in the other 10% we have towns and cities – it’s an unspoilt country and I love it.

We love it too now! Clyde is a truly badass name, so why did you chose to go with Chuckie instead?
Clyde reminds me of Bonnie & Clyde and Clyde was the monkey! Where I’m from everybody had a nickname and I was Chuckie, named after the doll in that Child’s Play movie. So I stuck to that name.

With a background in hip hop, does that ever filter over into your house sets?
Hip hop has always been a great source of inspiration for me and it does influence my style. When I play in a club I do it with a hip hop mind state. I like to scratch and cut during my DJ sets. Hip hop also influences my productions. My record ‘Let The Bass Kick’ sounds like a hip hop record to me. I did some remixes for David Guetta and they are very hip hop inspired too. That’s why I worked with guys like Lil Jon and Fatman Scoop! No boundaries is the only rule I have, why limit yourself ?

Too true! David Guetta has been championing your talent – tell us something about the man that the people deserve to know.
David Guetta has been a great mentor and friend for me in the dance industry. He took me to Ibiza and let me play at his F*ck Me I’m Famous parties. If I have questions, he’s always there to answer them no matter how busy he is or where ever in the world he is at! He’s probably the hardest working DJ I know. He is a true artist!

Wow. We didn’t kow that! In our last issue, JUICE tried to get to the bottom of why it is Dutch DJs find such great success. What is your theory?
I think Dutch DJs are well schooled. We live in a small country and the competition is killer, so DJs in Holland are really doing their best to stand out. This is fundament for a career as a DJ. Besides that Holland is a very progressive country when it comes to dance music. We have a healthy dance culture in Holland and it’s launched the careers of so many Dutch DJs. Another reason why Dutch house DJs are so successful now is because the music is different from the rest. For a minute French producers were doing it because they had a different sound, then the Swedish producers; I guess Dutch producers are doing it now! Everyone has their moment to shine, it’s healthy for the scene.

You bravely spun a mix of classical music and house music at a recent gig. How did that go and what is your favourite classical piece of music?
When they gave me this booking I felt really challenged because it was something I had never done before. I did special edits, remixes and productions, and the crowd was really feeling it. I had to really dig into classical music to find the classical pieces I really liked and I learned a lot listening to all these great musicians and composers. I had young and old people dancing on my custom-made set! One of my favourite classical pieces is Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise’.

You’re working on an album. Tell us about it and will it be drastically different from the music you spin in the clubs or at fests?
My album will be a reflection of the music I play in the club. It will also reflect me as a person. I’m trying to blend all the styles that have influenced me and make a record that is truly me. This album has to tell something about the musical journey I’m in.

When you’re not on the road DJing or in the studio producing tracks, what do you get up to?
When I’m not DJing or producing that’s the moment I take a step back. It’s really important to take a step back and assess things. It’s a really tricky game and you don’t want to be stuck in your own game. I’ve seen people becoming a victim of their own success. I don’t want that because at the end of the day it’s supposed to be and stay fun!

What was the last movie you watched and give us a quickie review.
The last movie I watched was Paranormal Activity. It’s about a man and woman living in a haunted house. Because they try to discover what’s haunting it, they set up a camera in their room. The way this movie was set up is really inspirational. It shows that a good idea is the most important thing. The movie cost them like US$15,000 and I think they made like US$40 million. It’s sick!

Last album you bought?
My own Dirty Dutch Outsiders compilation because I promised a friend that he would get a free copy. But I ran out of free copies so I had to buy it in the store for him – I like to keep my word.

Michael Jackson died in 2009, who knows who is gonna pop their clogs in 2010. If you could pay tribute to an artist still living today who would it be and what would you say?
I would pay tribute to Jay Z. He is the best rapper alive and I’m a huge fan of his work. Besides his music I think he is a very inspirational businessman too. I would tell him to make some music with me!

You’re also involved in some interesting initiatives. Tell us about “B The Change”. What is it and how did you get involved?
I like to bring people together through music. I just love it when I see so many different cultures dancing at one party. In Holland this movement called “B The Change” asked me to raise awareness for the fact that people need to have more love and respect for each other. I really felt that I could help them by being an ambassador for this movement. So I did a special song for them with quotes from Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Ghandi.

Very cool. Speaking of love for all mankind, it’s February, so we have to ask: ever been in love and how did it end?
I’m in love now and it’s wonderful to have somebody you can share everything with. A guy like me needs a woman that takes care of me. A true soldier! I don’t think this relationship will ever end!

Aww! So sweet! Okay, finish this sentence, “If I weren’t a DJ/producer…
… I’d be still living in Surinam and I would do charity work!

So what can we expect from your Zouk KL on Friday?
I’ve been waiting for this gig so long now, I’m really excited! I will play some of my remixes and special exclusive edits I have. I’m also going to give the crowd a good taste of that Dirty Dutch sound, so be ready!

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Friday 5 February 2010
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