Chuck Palahniuk Reads Fight Club for Kids

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We all know that Chuck Palahniuk isn’t just the author of Fight Club but of course that’s his most notable work. In this video, the author attempts to translate Fight Club into a child-friendly book. He describes the well-familiar plot as a nursery rhyme and renames the titular club as Horsing Around Club, but sometimes Palahniuk would slip and revert back to the pulpy, profanity-laden language he’s so used to. Even Jared Leto gets a namedrop in the video because he’s just become this ubiquitous being in Hollywood.

We would love to see how Palahniuk would make a U-rated version of the infamous Guts short story.

But while we keep hoping for that, you can watch the video here:

Fight Club 2 — the comic book sequel to Fight Club — is available for purchase here.

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