Chris Liebing Gives Away Digital Track Versions to Vinyl Buyers

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German producer Chris Liebing knows us and he knows us well. Fully aware that everyone is a sucker for free downloads, Liebing invites fans of labels CLR, CLRetry, CLAU and Spinclub Recordings to download the digital version of tracks absolutely FOC come 1 December 2008. An unlimited offer, this includes all of the labels’ vinyl throughout the last decade. Which doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out is a whole lot of tracks. To get your muggy paws on the digital download link, simply take a photo of yourself with the vinyl in your hand and mail it to Chris Liebing and co. Look out for the near future where each vinyl buyer will be given a code for a free download of the corresponding tracks. Says Chris of this, “It is obvious that more and more DJs are working with digital files just as I do. So I thought that maybe a few of those who like my music might appreciate getting those tracks which were once bought on vinyl, free of charge, and with little effort as digital files as well legally and in the best possible quality.”

More info will be available from 1 December onwards at Email [email protected] for more info.

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