Chris Brown’s BabeyDrew To Rock Maison

Chris Brown might be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, but not his DJ, BabeyDrew. This 29-year old DJ / Producer is flying high as official DJ for Chris Brown. He also happens to be making his way here for a gig this coming Thursday 15 October. Holla!

Chris Brown ain’t the only A-list entertainer Babeydrew has on his speed dial. Going by the Facebook name of Andrew Bisnaught, this accomplished DJ / turntablist has spun the wheels of steel for Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Ludacris, T-Pain, Estelle, Ne-yo and Sean Paul to name but a few.

When not rockin’ the party, BabeyDrew, who has also made Vibe mag’s top 100 DJs, focuses on his mixtapes and production work as well as hosting his own radio show, which has now moved into its 10th year. And at 6 feet tall and sporting those crazy brown eyes he ain’t to shabby to look at either.

The Queens-bred New Yorker comes to KL for a one night only to drop it at Maison this Thursday 15 October with DJ Funkzu, Monkey and Vandal warming it up. Starts 10pm. Cover charge RM40 guys, RM30 for the laydeez, includes 1st drinks. Call 03 2698 3328 or e-mail [email protected] for reservations or check www.juiceonline/events for deets.

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