Chris Brown Transforms

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A number of us are still not over the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna fiasco, but hey let’s put that behind us for now. Cut the boy some slack cos he’s got a new high-powered music video for his latest single ‘I Can Transform Ya’. The new Chris Brown single sees the collaboration of Lil’ Wayne and Swizz Beatz. Always an exciting time to see a Chris Brown video especially for his dance moves. This hot video is obviously inspired by Transformer. Yay?

Directed by music video director superstar Joseph Kahn, who’s responsible for videos like ‘The Boy Is Mine’ by Brandy and Monica, ‘Cherry Lips’ by Garbage and the recent MTV Video Music Award-winning ‘We Made You’ by Eminem. This Chris Brown video is dance-packed and energetic, which are Joseph Kahn’s obvious trademarks. The director tells MTV, “Everything dances onscreen. Everything has movement.”

‘I Can Transform Ya’ becomes Chris Brown’s lead single from his 15 December release called ‘Graffiti’. No matter how you feel for the boy, you gotta give it up to the video production for a dope job. It’s a yay from us.


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