Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty

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JUICE ain’t a tabloid mag, but since the whole debacle with Rihanna and Chris Brown has shaken the music world, we as your music news forefront would like to share this bit of juicy news with you. At his trial on Monday, the R&B singer (Chris Brown) pleaded “not guilty” to 2 felony charges – assaulting and making criminal threats at girlfriend Rihanna on a day before this year’s Grammy.

This “not guilty” contest has caused another uproar. While some fans are saying he should have man it up and do his time, others are still standing by him and claiming he did it in self-defense. As we were not present during the altercation, we stand impartial, but dang, have you seen the snaps of Rihanna post-abuse? Nasty…. If that was Chris’ way of defending himself then we fear to imagine what he’d be like if he really attacks!

Since we just want this whole thing to blow over so we can get back to writing good, clean stuff, we’ve decided to help Chris and Rihanna out a lil here and conclude things for them.

I wonder what inspired us….

Dear Chris,

‘If Its Lovin’ That’s What You Want’, then I promise never to be ‘Unfaithful’ ever. I know we had a terrible fight in the car, when usually ‘We Ride’ well together, I might have said something like ‘Shut Up And Drive’… but baby I never meant it. You see ‘A Girl Like Me’ needs reassurances every now and then. I had a bad day and just needed some TLC and yelling at you was my ‘SOS’ call. People said we should ‘Break It Off’ in case another ‘Pon De Replay’ happens, but ‘If I Never See Your Face Again’ I could die. So baby if we are to ‘Roll It’ for years to come, you should ‘Just Stand Up’ and take it like a man. Even if people say you should ‘Live Your Life’ in a place like ‘Disturbia’, with your fame, they would just send you to ‘Rehab’.

Your Good Girl Gone Bad,

P.S. Sigh! ‘I Hate That I Love You’, but I do…. Us during the good ol’ days.

‘Yo Excuse Me Miss’,

You make me feel suffocated, there’s ‘No Air’ to breathe. I just can’t be ‘With You’ anymore and I think we should ‘Say Goodbye’, this time, ‘Forever’….

‘Kiss Kiss’,
CB. Peace out!

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