Chow-Tut @ Pure Bar, Melaka

Text Kevin Yeoh
Photos Kevin Yeoh + Tribe

JUICE is an urban magazine, no mistaking. And when it comes to covering the scene, it’s the Klang Valley that gets our attention. But that’s not to say we don’t recognize that there aren’t pockets of fomenting elsewhere. So when the opportunity came to support Klan’s 5th birthday celebration in Melaka, JUICE was in.

From out of a patch in Melaka Raya, The Klan crew have built a streetculture scene laying the foundations with its own homegrown streetwear label, then its graff and body art services and adding to the afterhours scene with its bar and club nights. A weekend away in this historic town will quickly dispel any notion of a sleepy hollow – Melaka is a bohemian haunt with unique boutiques, lots of art and a scene that’s both exciting and still growing, and for being both at the start and continuing to remain at its forefront, The Klan deserve kudos. So after a 2 hours drive and platefuls of chicken rice balls and sate celup, we were raring to experience.

Held at one of Melaka’s hottest spots, JUICE entered Chow-Tut to be welcomed by the beats of DJ Def and DJ Reeve who served up wicked hip hop joints in The Garden while dancers did their thang albeit reluctantly – maybe they were shy. Phobia, Pipit and Tribe’s own art is emblazoned along the walls and for one night only bearbricks from Adidas Originals stood sentry as Vie Body Piercing and Yaksha Tribe Tattoo kicked it up for art’s sake.

Inside Pure Bar things were very different. DJ Mushroom was playing some fairly hectic psy trance, the bpms going faster than heads could keep up. Shufflers and Melaka clubbers were lovin’ it, but the Lapsap boys, who were on next, had to rethink their set. Nevertheless they delivered in spades, even dropping some unexpected corkers like Alice Deejay’s “Never Left Alone”.

Like KL, in Melaka weekends are the sole reserve of club management so nights like Klan’s Chow-Tut are sadly relegated to weekdays, leaving most out-of-towners out in the cold. But on the brighter side of things, those who were there had a blast, and like a bad action movie, JUICE promised, we’d be back, with reinforcements. Kudos Klan!

Chow-Tut was held on June 26 at Pure Bar, Melaka in conjunction with Klan’s 5th Anniversary and was supported by JUICE magazine. Thanks to Joe from Tribe for showing us a good time!