Choons Awards Presentation 2009 @ Raw

The event was to start at 8pm and only open to public at 11pm, so arriving at an empty club an hour late of 8pm could only mean 2 things: that the event was over and done with; or  Malaysians prove once more that good timing isn’t one of our strong suits. In this instance it was the latter and JUICE was led upstairs to wait while Raw’s friendly waiters served drinks and lit cigarettes for customers with the reflexes a Texan gun slinger.

Another hour passed and nothing seemed to happen. There were a grand total of 6 of us sitting around waiting for something to happen. JUICE was beginning to think that we got the wrong date. Then another hour. By the time the 3rd hour of doing nothing has come around, JUICE ‘s stomach was rumbling and we had to leave to satisfy our primitive human need.

Not yet the end of our story, the following day JUICE got a hold of Choons Awards 2009 Producer of The Year winner, Mr. Fluff and he told us that the organizer’s wife gave birth that night, which is why the awards ceremony only got on its way at 1am. Yes folks. 1am! Well, at least it is great to know that it was a night of celebration for the Choons Awards winners and to the organizer and his wife. Not so for the 3 hours of our life that we will never get back….

Here are the Choons Awards 2009 results.

Producer Of The Year 2009 Mr. Fluff
Producer Of The Year 2009 was judged by:
Jason Cheah (ClubBeat, The Star)
Mongkorn Timkul (Sae, Bangkok)
Vernon David (Former Head of Artist Management & Business Development of EMI Malaysia)

Online Voting Results:
Best Club Of The Year 2008/09 Zouk Club KL
Best Club Night Of The Year 2008/09 Liquid Jump Up
Best House DJ Of The Year 2008/09 DJ Terence C
Best Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ Of The Year 2008/09 DJ Az-1
Best Hip Hop,R&B & Soul DJ Of The Year 2008/09 DJ Luqe
Best Resident DJ Of The Year 2008/09 DJ Terence C
Best New DJ Of The Year 2008/09 DJ CandyQube
Best Live Act Of The Year 2008/09 Transient Vortex

The upcoming Choons Awards 2009 compilation album party (It’s double cd!) will be held on August, so make sure you go to for more info! Check out the Choons Awards ceremony pictures in Gallery.