Chimp Punishes Its Infant Through Familiar Asian-Parenting Style For Throwing Rock At Visitors

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Remember how you used to kena whack when you didn’t memorise your multiplication tables as a kid?

It seems that even chimpanzees have serious Asian parenting skills, because they’re caning their kids too.

A Weibo meme page posted a video on 13 March, showing a young chimpanzee throwing a rock at the edge of the enclosure, presumably at visitors.

One young chimpanzee witness blinked and looked on in disbelief:

If your friend looks at you like this, you know you screwed up.

A bigger chimpanzee, probably the playful infant’s parent, sneaks up from behind the young one. It held up a tree branch over its head, in a pose that all Asian kids would be familiar with.

The young chimp then turned around, saw the parent’s fury, and immediately tried to make a run for it.

But of course, the parent is well-versed in the art of whacking, and quickly caned the young chimpanzee about five times before it could escape.

More hilariously, in its hurry to escape, the young chimpanzee nearly knocked down another larger chimpanzee sitting next to it.

Even though you can only see the chimpanzee’s back, its subtle turn towards the scene radiates unwilling-participant-to-excited-onlooker energy. Another chimpanzee sitting on the right also extends an arm, perhaps trying to catch the young one?


This post went viral on Weibo, with many netizens finding the scene hilarious. They also praised the chimpanzee-parent for disciplining its offspring, with one comment calling the parent a “very educated/well-mannered Mr Chimpanzee”.

Others also commented that the chimpanzee was better at parenting than some human adults…

…and others felt bad for the young chimpanzee, saying that it probably didn’t even know what it did wrong.

Well, one thing’s for sure, this young chimpanzee won’t be throwing rocks anytime soon.