Chilly Gonzales: Ivory Tower (Arts & Crafts)

“I hold a grudge like a rapper holds his crotch,” spits Chilly on ‘The Grudge’. But before you dismiss this savant piano pranksta as an Eminem wannabe, you should listen closer to his genre-defying ivory melodies.

From chilled-out downtempo instrumentals to oddball rappin’ and lounge techno, Chilly is every bit the sad musical genius he claims to be on his MySpace. Teaming up with Berlin dance producers Boyz Noize, Ivory Tower accompanies a film of the same name that Chilly wrote, produced and starred in with Peaches and Tiga. And it’s about chess playas rather than untalented underground MCs.

LISTEN TO: ‘I Am Europe’
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RATING: 3 1/2

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