Chew on This Gum That Can Help Boost Your Memory

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The more time you spent adulting, the more stuff you have to think about and that usually makes you forget a thing or two. Of course there are many ways to increase brain fitness, but imagine how easy it would be to magically improve your memory just by chewing gum.

From the country that gave us Asahi Beer – Japan has really stepped up their game – a company called Lotte has presented the world their latest range of chewing gum that supposedly helps improve memory. Not really a surprise considering all the weird shit that Japan has invented, but certainly useful. The chewing gum comes with either 12 pieces of gum or nine pieces. They’re priced at 140 yen, which is around RM5.20 each after conversion.

So the magic ingredient that is put in the gum is an extract called ginkgo biloba. Apparently this extract promotes good blood circulation in the brain and protects the brain from neuronal damage. It is collected from the dried green leaves of the plant and is usually available as liquid extracts, capsules, or tablets. And now we can add chewing gum to the mix.

The sad news is that the memory booster gum is only available in Japan, but if you try hard enough, we know you can get your hands on it, unlike Singaporeans who won’t get to enjoy the gum legally. Though they could really use it considering their academic pressure.

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