Cheers To The Global Trifecta: We’re Talking Celebrations, Music & The Quintessential ‘Cold One’!

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Good Vibes Festival 2019: Future Sound Asia

In the vibrant realm of festivals and celebrations, a kaleidoscope of experiences unfolds, weaving together diverse elements into a captivating mosaic. From exuberant gatherings to lively occasions, each event showcases the seamless blend of timeless allure and contemporary spirit.

In Malaysia, recent times have witnessed a remarkable evolution in the celebration landscape, as communities join forces to create moments of pure joy and merriment. With a genuine desire to embrace the essence of festivity, these gatherings ignite a sense of shared delight and evoke a familiar feeling of jubilation.

So, as we raise our glasses to these moments of revelry, let us savour the refreshing libations that accompany them, bringing together people from all walks of life, in an experience that transcends borders and unites us in pure enjoyment…


Through the years, Heineken® has brought a dash of effervescence to our gala times in one way or another as we strive to embrace our global ambitions and cherish life’s greatest moments.

You see, there is an inherent appeal in the world of celebrations and festivities when people from all over the world unite to bask in an atmosphere of camaraderie. While the brand name comes with a unique pronunciation in different languages across the globe, one thing remains constant: Heineken® has been enabling good times – Whatever moniker you use to refer to it.

As Heineken® commemorates its 150th anniversary this year, we revere how the brand seamlessly incorporates itself to the local scene through partnerships with pop culture stars in music, fashion, and photography, resonating with the spirit of a dynamic and diverse country.

Here are a few ways Heineken® is transcending language barriers and supporting us in our pursuit of exploring the universal language of celebration this year. Oh, and did we mention? There’s a whiff of limited-edition merchandise specially for fans out there…

Good Vibes Festival – A Decade of Musical Rapture

Good Vibes Festival 2019: Future Sound Asia

One celebration stands outamong the revival of Malaysia’s beloved local festivals and the emergence of new ones: the Good Vibes Festival. As Heineken® joins forces to commemorate its ten-year milestone, music lovers are transported to a sonic wonderland where international melodies blend with regional sounds.

Celebrate Heineken®’s 150-year milestone at Starclub, the buzzing center of the festival. With a revamped 40,000 square feet multi-story space, Starclub offers breathtaking views, legendary fun, and a global music lineup curated by renowned Malaysian DJ BLINK. Be ready for 3 different music themes including Berlin Techno, NYC Hip Hop and Amsterdam Big Room. Sip on a cold Heineken® while enjoying electrifying performances by international DJs, alongside talented local acts, creating an unforgettable experience of music, celebration, and the iconic Heineken® vibe.

Motherchuckers – Where Fashion and Festivities Collide


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Nothing in the world of fashion enriches an occasion more than a little bit of style. Here, we have Motherchuckers, a clothing line formed by content creator Jane Chuck. Heineken® and Motherchuckers’ innovative partnership delivers a unique blend of global inspirations and localised aesthetics. Through their stunning creations, visitors can adorn themselves with fashion-forward ensembles that capture the essence of celebrations, allowing them to express their unique sense of style while raising a Heineken®-clad glass to good times.

At Starclub @ Good Vibes Festival, find out how you can score invites to the eagerly anticipated fashion show and launch party in August as well as an early glance at the new collection…

Darkroom8 – Immortalising The Good Times Through Photography

source: Heineken Malaysia

Take a picture, it’ll last longer!

As we all strive to regain that old familiar feeling of celebration and fun, the art of capturing precious moments takes center stage. At Darkroom8’s mesmerising display at Starclub @ Good Vibes Festival, you’re likely to fully immerse yourself in the allure of analog photography. Discover the limited edition Heineken® x Darkroom8 Reusable 35mm Point and Shoot camera, loaded with 135mm film and featuring a one-of-a-kind Heineken® beer filter.

Experience the enchantment as the beer-infused film gives your photos a golden sheen and a nostalgic feel, capturing your special moments in a unique way.

Stand to win epic 3-day passes to Good Vibes Festival 2023 or a limited edition Heineken® x Darkroom8 Reusable Camera:

  • Head to, capture your good times with our Heineken® Good Times Cam developed in collaboration with Darkroom8, and share it on social media by tagging  @HeinekenMY and with the hashtag #He150ken.


  • Heineken® 150 x Darkroom 8 Reusable Film Camera x 5 Weekly Winners
  • Good Vibes Festival Tickets x 3 Pair Weekly Winners

*Terms and conditions apply

Watch this space or visit Heineken®’s Instagram and Facebook profiles for more updates and details. Enjoy responsibly and immerse yourself in the magic of celebrating good times, one way or another.

*Only for non-Muslims aged 21 and above. Enjoy Heineken® responsibly.
When you drive, never drink. 

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