Cheeky Things Malaysians Confess They Do in the Office When No One’s Looking

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source: SAYS

Most of the time, we’re all on our best behaviour at work, as we should be. But once in a while, when no one’s looking, we just can’t help getting a little cheeky hehe!

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In collaboration with Sunway Hotels & Resorts, we asked Malaysians to confess what cheeky things they do in the office when no one’s looking 😉

Here’s what they had to say:

Note: These answers were submitted to us. We wrote out and photographed them on their behalf. Names have been changed for privacy.

1. “I come in extra early so that I can hijack the office playlist hahaha!”

source: SAYS

“My office plays music out loud and it’s usually the first person who comes in that picks the playlist of the day. I’m like the only K-pop fan in the office so it very rarely gets played. Sometimes I come in extra early just so I can set the playlist and make everyone listen to K-pop all day kekeke.”

– Tina, Writer

2. “I curi curi print personal stuff like flight tickets, party invitations, my kid’s homework, etc.”

source: SAYS

“We’re not allowed to print non-work related documents at the office but I don’t have a printer at home soooo yeah :P”

– Felicia, Accountant

3. “When meetings get a little boring, I secretly watch my favourite shows. But sometimes only lah hehe.”

source: SAYS

“Meetings can get a little draggy, and I know I’ll fall asleep if I don’t do anything. So, when I reeaaaalllyy cannot tahan, then I’ll pull up some funny videos or the latest series I’m watching to wake me back up. #ThankfulForSubtitles”

– Ching Yee, HR Executive

4. “The Internet at my office is super onz so I like to play Dota there”

source: SAYS

“The connection is so much better than my home one. Doesn’t lag at all!”

– Rohan, IT Technician

5. “Once in a while, when my boss isn’t around, I’ll bring my laptop to sit at his place”

source: SAYS

“It’s nice to work from there once in a while, just to see what it feels like to be the boss.”

– Justin, Software Engineer

6. “I take more than one portion of free breakfast heh”

source: SAYS

“We’re lucky enough to get free breakfast in the office every day! We have this rule that everyone is only allowed to take 1 portion each. But when I’m super hungry, I say that I’m helping my teammates to take but I actually just take extra for myself.”

– Meena, Education Counsellor 

7. “On days when I’m stuck in long meetings, I try to get some of my freelance stuff done so I don’t have to do it on weekends”

source: SAYS

“Summore my office laptop has access to lots of cool software that makes my life so much easier!”

– Anand, Graphic Designer

8. “Sometimes I don’t pay my boss back when she pays for team lunch, shhhhh!”

source: SAYS

“When we go out for lunch as a team, my boss usually pays first then we all have to pay her back. But there’s so many of us that it’s hard to keep track of who’s paid and who hasn’t. So sometimes I just don’t pay back, but only when we eat at those cheap cheap places lah haha.”

– Nalini, Investment Banker

9. “I pretend like I’m taking notes, but I’m actually playing games on my phone hehehe”

source: SAYS

“I usually take notes using my phone during meetings, but sometimes the game I play got special event and I want to collect chest, sooo I just tap tap my phone abit lo… It’s okay ’cause I still pay attention to what my colleagues say ma!”

– Patrick, Branch Manager

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This story was originally published on SAYS.

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