Checkout what these local music acts released for Xmas…

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It’s Xmas time and we’ve stumbled across a handful of local acts that just released some new music and covers for the Yuletide season. The last one will turn Santa into Satan…

Kicking it off is singer-songwriter Brendan James De Cruz, the son of late journalist-pub musician, Errol De Cruz. Releasing 12 covers each day to celebrate the 12 days before Christmas on his Facebook; here’s our favourite pick of a cover which his husky beer-drenched voice does justice to:

Next we have rock act An Honest Mistake, who just released 4 tracks featuring a bunch of friends of the band such as SOG, Diandra Arjunaidi, So I’m Jenn, Jon Liddell, Shawn Lee, K-Town Clan, Save Me Hollywood, Beatburns, Ashley Chan and more. All the songs are up on AHM’s YouTube with nice vids accompanying them like this one featuring some of the aforementioned of silly people:

And finally, it’s a very short list – we know –  but somebody’s been drinking too much eggnog and we need to clear our Leave for this year; it’s our own Editorial Director’s everlasting, cockroach-punk band Ben’s Bitches, who, apart from finishing our eggnog, put out a spontaneous comedy-inspired album called Jingle Balls On Fire. The album is free for streaming on SoundCloud:

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