Chat: DJ Skribble

He is living testament that everything about America has to be big. From his fancy rides to his collaborations with hip hop masters to his stint on MTV Spring Break (where he was dubbed The King of Spring Break), DJ Skribble has been gigging tirelessly and dropping phat beats at the world’s party capitals for the past 3 decades. Lending his celeb power to numerous brands, Skribble was once a member of Young Black Teenagers (an early-90s hip hop group who enjoyed brief fame) and is the first DJ to have a toy and video game made after him. JUICE caught up with the enterprising beatmaker ahead of his recent headlining show at Singapore duiring the Johnnie Walker Jet Black party.

Are you into F1 and cars? What car do you drive?
Yes, I love all forms of racing. Nascar and drag racing are my favourites. I drive a hummer H2 and an infinity Q 56.

Gas guzzlers! We’ll let that slide… You’ve been rocking crowds for over 28 years now. How has your music evolved through the years?
What I play is always evolving. Music is changing everyday, and if you don’t keep up with the trends and shifts, the music and the people will leave you in the past.

You’ve spun with Grandmaster Flash and The Notorious BIG. Which hip hop artist today, in your opinion, would be the most challenging to work with?
Whenever you work with an artist it’s challenging. Every artist is different in his or her own way but I welcome the challenge and the opportunity to work with everyone.

You’ve collaborated with Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction. Are there any similarities between a guitarist and a DJ?

You are a man who seems to have done everything a DJ can do. Tell us is there anything else you would like to do? Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
DJ on the moon? Haha! In ten years hopefully I will still be doing what I’m doing now, as long as my fans will still have me.

You’re known as The Spring Break King on MTV. Do you have any wild Spring Break stories to share with us?
I never kiss and tell!

You performed over 250 shows in 2008. How did you managed to stay alive?
A lot of drinking…

What’s the biggest misconception about DJs?
A lot of people think it’s a lot easier then it is and that anyone can do it.

Tell us what’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to do?
When some one comes up to me and asks me “can you play something we can dance to?”

What’s it like to be the first DJ to have his own toy and video game?
I’m honoured that this was done for me, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity’s that I’ve been given.

Disney songs are classics in their own right. How did you end up remixing them?
I’ve done a lot of work for Disney in the past and they approached me to do the project.

What was your favourite cartoon when you were growing up?
Marvin the Martian.

Johnnie Walker has always been a progressive brand, inline with their ethos to ‘Keep Walking’. Tell us your story ‘Keep Walking’ story to pursuit of progress.
My story is this… Failure is not an option, and you only fail if you don’t try!

How do you like your Johnnie Walker served?
On the rocks, in the DJ Booth… J

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