Change The Way You Buy Things With These 3 Easy Steps!

With the amount of shopping apps that are available now, it’s no wonder you can feel overwhelmed and end up just putting down your phone. No need to go through the hassle of downloading it all and leaving with little to no storage space. The struggle is long gone cause we have the perfect shopping app just for you. Not only will this app help you shop your favourite items, but instead it will change the way you buy things!


If you’re not already on the bandwagon, the Doropu app is here to help you benefit from every purchase you make on it. Unlike other shopping apps, you can get a whole new shopping experience with price drop every minute. Just like their tagline goes, “Change the way you buy things”. Want to know how to achieve that? Well, just scroll down and follow this three steps and you’re set for life with new deals every day!

1. Download the Doropu App

First thing first, y’all need to download it! Both available on Playstore and iOS, simple search up ‘Doropu’ and you’ll be good to go. The app is a unique, one of a kind e-commerce platform in Malaysia that gives you the chance to purchase items at a significant discount or even RM0! In Doropu, the price of products sold will drop every second until it has been sold out completely. So what’s are you waiting for, click away..

2. Why wait it ’till it drops? Time to shop!

Although Doropu lets you wait until the last second to make a purchase for cheaper, there’s one thing you should know. The difference in amount between your purchase price and the final price, they will return back the amount – imagine that! Basically, you can use the returned credit to make your next purchase. This will definitely come in handy for your next purchase and you wouldn’t even have to think twice.

3. Just pay & wait for your delivery..

The app provides a smooth check out as they use easy and convenient payment systems like Molpay payment gateway which accepts most local banks, FPX and even 7-Eleven. Doropu has no hidden charge and all of their deliveries are FREE! After you make your purchase and payment, they will instantly ship your order the next working day. So expect your items to be arriving at your doorstep within 3 to 5 days. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

This July, Doropu is ready to reward all of their loyal customers with not only one, but THREE Collect & Win contests. Scroll down to see which contest suits you (or you can join all) and get the chance to win up to RM1000 worth of giveaway prizes! The campaign period will be from 9 July to 9 September, so get ready..

1. RM10 Credits Giveaway

All you have to do is collect four of their Collect & Win cards which stated R,M,1,0 to redeem prize. Then, snap a photo of your four Collect & Win card collection. Lastly, message the image and your Doropu account username/email to their Facebook or Instagram account ( to redeem the credits. Settle!

2. ​Mystery Box Giveaway (prizes worth up to RM30)

Now you can stand a chance to win the mystery box by making orders during the campaign period. Just note that the higher numbers of orders you make, the higher chances you’ll get on winning! The lucky winner will be picked weekly to redeem their Mystery Box. The announcements will made through Doropu’s Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to message them within 24 hours if you are the winner, then you can redeem your mysterious prize. Simply message your Doropu account username/email and shipping address to their Facebook or Instagram account and the mystery gift will be on their way..

3. Social Review

The easiest one to join will be this one! All you have to do is go to Facebook, iOS Appstore or Android Play store and search for the Doropu app. Rate it five stars and write a creative yet simple review of the app. Screenshot your rating and review that you just did. Lastly, send the image and your Doropu account username and email to Doropu’s Facebook or Instagram account to redeem the RM3 credits prize respectively.

Make sure to follow Doropu for updates & announcements of their Facebook page by clicking here and their Instagram page by clicking here

Download the Doropu app at the iOS Appstore or Android Playstore.