Celebrate Malaysia Day With Celebrities, Kuih and a Picnic with Media Prima!

Cover image via @kuehcafe (Instagram) & @revmediamy (Instagram)

Malaysians share a deep-seated emotional attachment with food. It’s a cultural norm that we need food for every celebration and festival. To celebrate this shared cultural connection, Prima Media has come up with their latest event for their Hari Kebangsaan and Hari Malaysia campaign, Manis Pahit Bersama, with a picnic featuring celebrities, performances, games, workshops and of course, a variety of kuih.

The Kuih Piknik #ManisPahitBersama is a free public event brought to you in collaboration with Keretapi Sarong 2023 Keretapi Sarong 2023.

source K Azwan / Upsplash

Date: 16 September 2023 (Saturday)
Time : 2pm to 6pm
Venue: Taman Kolonial, Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, Kuala Lumpur

Beside that, amazing live performances by Keretapi Sarong, Marsha, Lost Spaces, Syafiq Farhain, Haiza, and Amir Jahari await you. At the same time, people can enjoy and indulge in an array of kuih-muih and coffee courtesy of KUEH Cafe, play traditional games, immerse themselves in the art of creating intricate ikat sarongs, and witness mesmerising coffee art painting.

source @kuehcafe (Instagram)

The event will feature beloved radio hosts from various stations, including Hot FM, Kool 101, Molek FM, FLY FM, and Eight FM. The public can look forward to exciting giveaways from the popular streaming platform Tonton. The event concludes with an exclusive screening of Doh and a chance to meet celebrities from the upcoming film, including Syafiq Kyle, Aida Amron, Sherlyn Seo, Fabian Loo, and Haris Md Noor.

source @syafiqkylez (Instagram)

“The Kuih Piknik is our unique way to embrace the multicultural spirit that defines our country and celebrate occasions that bring us together as Malaysians,” said Rafiq Razali, Media Prima Group Managing Director

“As the nation’s leading media group, we have the tools to create an event that helps unify Malaysians under one umbrella and inspire a sense of patriotism by celebrating the traditions and heritage of kuih, our mouth-watering Malaysian snack and sweets.

“Whether it’s kuih lapis or ang ku, we cherish these delectable kuihs at all times. Organising events that unify Malaysians brings so much joy to us at Media Prima as we value diversity in our company. We look forward to seeing all of you there!” he added.

Sounds like a great way to celebrate Malaysia Day this weekend, kan? 

Don’t miss out on the deliciousness and good times coming up on September 16. To find out more, visit says.com/manispahitbersama