LISTEN: CEE & Homeboy Sandman Beast Out to ‘Now & Laters’

Wanna see a pole dancing wolf, a dragon getting weird in a tattoo studio, a crocodile dancing with an elephant, and an owl selling ice cream to the dope beats of a German producer based in Malaysia with rhymes from New York? You’re in luck. Check out this freakishly seductive music video by CEE and Homeboy Sandman:

CEE is no stranger to JUICE, as you can see he recently gave us his thoughts on the anticipated Ableton Live 10. Real name Christian Schwanz, Cee) has been in the game for two decades now, sharing stages with the likes of Missy Elliot and Jimmy Edgar just to name a few. He was actively involved with global club scene with projects like Al-Haca, whom have had three albums, EPs, and remixes under its name – and in recent years, he’s contributed heavily to the Malaysian scene both as a solo act and via his work with Bass Sekolah with Darren Ashley. The latter of whom might strike a familiar chord with fans of the local scene through their radio single ‘Lighthouse’ and collaborative album The Dusun Sessions, which featured musicians from all around the world.

This veteran knob twiddler follows up his diversions 01 EP, released in 2016, with this new release that have us bopping our heads to some potent stripped-down bass music with the morning after voice of Homeboy Sandman (of Stones Throw fame) seducing you with hypnotising lines.

Homeboy Sandman (source: Jason K Chang Photography)

This collaboration first came to their mind at a show in Kuala Lumpur where CEE and Homeboy Sandman met. From there, the German producer crafted his beats in his studio at a resort in the Berembun rainforest, one that was frequently visited by the likes of Modeselektor, Africa HiTech, Kode9, and more, while Homeboy vocalised his rhymes back in NYC. With their powers combined, they made ‘Now & Laters’ happen and is guaranteed to rock the parties.

And word up to those involved in the production of the music video, from director Kubhaer Jethwani to designer Steve Wintercroft, and also everyone else whose names are listed on the description (Richard, Arlina, Maliq, Su-Ann, Alet, etc.). They all did an amazing job giving birth to this American Gods-worthy music video.

Peep its instrumental version below as well:

‘Now & Laters’ is out via Monkeytown Records (Berlin).

Stream or download here.