Cavalier Series 3: What Saucery?


This Singaporean children apparel line is no ordinary kidswear that you can find in any departmental store, no. Cavalier’s — helmed by Angela Chong and Perry Lam — cheeky and bold designs have catapulted them into international fame. The Dora Dress, with its rocker hands applique on the pockets, and the Pasche Dress, which is an ode to designer John Pasche who was responsible for the Rolling Stone’s iconic lip and tongue logo, have both become iconic pieces from the kidswear line. Currently, Cavalier has launched their third series called What Saucery? This installment features four eccentric pieces, namely the Cheeseburger top, the Milk top, the Egg top, and the eponymous skirt that’s got a tomato and mustard squeeze bottle appliques on its pockets. And get this, the What Saucery? skirt is available for both kids and adults! Adorable.

Take a look at the collection below:

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