Catch Japanese Music Sensation Hatsune Miku Perform Live in Her Holographic Form

The future is here and it’s autotuned.

This 16-year-old pop icon is a little different from most singers – that being how she’s a computer generated programme.

Now, everyone can have a waifu.

Hatsune Miku is the product of Yamaha’s singing synthesiser programme, known as Vocaloid, which launched in 2004. By entering in a melody and the lyrics of a song, the programme is able to then sing the song for you using a synthetic voice. The singing voices themselves, however, would come from programmable singers from other companies.

Since then, her popularity has grown beyond the expectations of her creators. Hatsune Miku has toured the world, performing “live” on stages from Singapore to Los Angeles and even opening for Lady Gaga. This December, she will be showing off her kawaii dance moves and synthetic vocal chords at Hatsune Miku Expo Malaysia 2017.

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