Cat Got Your Tongue #5 @ Barsonic

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With the mention of a toy party, one such as myself would instantly conjure up images of a battery operated gadget with a certain vibrating quality. That’s why a bring-your-own-toy party with a room full of adults made me feel slightly squeamish. But I thought, what the heck, I’ll give the 5th installment of Cat Got Your Tongue at Barsonic a try and pushed my ever so filthy thoughts aside.

So I rummaged through my house for something appropriate and manage to find a fluffly flamingo. Or was it a pink ostrich? Anyway JUICE got to Barsonic by 10.30pm and the club wasn’t even open to public yet. So I decided to have a sit with 1½ of SalahWrong, Sarah Chan, who was indulging in her new iPhone toy. By this time, fluffy flamingo was shamefully put aside until more such toys made their appearance.

By 11pm, we got the go-ahead and walked to Barsonic. The relocation of my fave joint still feels weird to me, I was about to proceed to the former Loft area. The room was a riot! Neon mushrooms covered the tables and decks while yarn strings were strung across neon lamps making it look like laser lights. Nice work!

Although it wasn’t brimming with sweaty people pushing each other aside as they dance to Empire Of The Sun, The Ting Tings and heaps of other indie-electro-pop played by the SalahWrong, illKiDD and Chaseylain, the intimate crowd still wrecked havoc! Look no further fluffy flamingo, for here you have friends in the form of teddy bears, blow-up thingies and a pair of glasses with eyeballs dangling from springs that TV personality and regular partygoer JP (Jonathan Putra) brought with him. I’m no psychologist, but I’m sure if a pair of dangly bits is your favourite toy, it calls for some psychoanalysis (sorry JP). The crowd kept getting stronger and by 12mn, it was full blast. Birthday girl Joyce Wong brought out the pom poms while birthday boy Rudy launched a bunch of impromptu performances. And I managed to lose my fluffy flamingo or pink ostrich. Oh what a night, never under estimate an adult toy party!

For further proof the night actually happened, check out these snaps.

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